The Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences (DISPOC) – University of Siena

DISPOC is a research centre common to all scholars of social, political and cognitive sciences at the University of Siena who are interested in working in a multidisciplinary manner, while respecting the different disciplinary profiles. Reflecting this high degree of disciplinary and methodological pluralism is the fact that DISPOC brings together lecturers from 19 scientific-disciplinary sectors. The department is made up of around 60 lecturers, 16 administrative and technical staff, around 30 research fellows and around 2,000 students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD courses. DISPOC has taken part, also as lead partner, in numerous national and international research projects. Users of such research often include local authorities and national and foreign public players.

Ladest Lab of the University of Siena

The Laboratory for Economic, Social and Spatial Data (LaDEST) founded in 2008. It specialises in GIS systems, spatial analysis, Big Data, data visualisation and social network analysis and promotes the use of open data and open-source tools. Research topics include sustainability, biodiversity, landscape, local development and political geography. Research techniques are based on volunteered geographic information, citizen science and digital platforms.

Fondazione Musei Senesi

The Fondazione Musei Senesi is a non-profit institution involving about 30 Municipalities, over 40 museums and other public and private organizations. The Fondazione’s work is based on the concept of the “museo diffuso” – non-traditional museums that utilize a variety of spaces -, aiming to foster integration between collections and their original contexts, local communities, traditions and landscapes, research institutes, the business community, tourism and the creative industry in the territory. Since 2003 it has been committed to promoting awareness and enhancing the value of the territory, consolidating the museum system set up by the Province in the 1990s. In CS4Siena, the Fondazione Musei Senesi constitutes the point of union and dialogue of the academic component with the territory.

Accademia dei Fisiocritici

The Siena Academy of Sciences, known as Accademia dei Fisiocritici, is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Italy. In the eighteenth century it had enormous prestige in cultural circles all over Europe, and major intellectuals of the time among its members. Founded for the purpose of studying the truth of natural phenomena, more than three centuries later it continues its mission of scientific communication through museum teaching, publication of journals, and activities and events open to the public. Today the Accademia is a true cultural space, hosting and organising concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, children’s animation and many other initiatives. In CS4Siena, Accademia dei Fisiocritici supports the project in the development of Citizen Science and participation activities of both the student community and the local population.