University of Siena

Venere Stefania Sanna

Researcher in economic geography at the University of Siena, who, in addition to having participated in numerous national and international research projects, possesses proven expertise on the issues of social and environmental sustainability of territorial development projects and participatory approaches. Her research interests include regional economic development, European policies, migrant integration processes, social movements, sustainability issues, the sharing and collaborative economy, and research methodologies in economic geography. Her research method is based on a strongly interdisciplinary approach that incorporates policy and practice impacts.

Cristina Capineri

Geographer, full professor and Director of the interdisciplinary Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences (DISPOC) of the University of Siena. Cristina has decades of experience in national and international projects on issues of Citizen Science, crowdsourced information and spatial and environmental justice. Cristina also directs the Ladest Lab which promotes the development of spatial analysis methods and tools and combine them with mining and analysing spatial data, ranging from user-generated data (social media, location based apps, etc.) to traditional data sources (spatial databases, Census, surveys).

University of Siena Interns

Lara Loi

Master’s student in Public and Cultural Diplomacy at the University of Siena. Having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences in 2020, she continued her academic journey and graduated with a master’s degree in Conflict and Development in 2022. Driven by a passion for fostering critical thinking, meaningful dialogue and co-creation among students, Lara is a firm believer in the transformative power of culture and science. She is a co-organiser of an English Book Club in collaboration with the local cultural center Corte dei Miracoli. Their goal is to establish a welcoming space for both international and Italian citizens in Siena, where they can gather to discuss literature and various socio-political topics. She looks forward integrating her diverse experiences and interests into the CS4Siena project and make a positive impact within the academic and cultural landscape of Siena.

Caterina D’Amato

Caterina D’Amato is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Strategies and Techniques of Communication at the University of Siena. In February 2023, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences, with a bachelor thesis focusing on the war in Ukraine. During her studies, she acquired various communication techniques, including qualitative research methods. She engaged in group projects across different subjects, involving the creation of podcasts, narratives, research (such as focus groups or interviews), and presentations. In 2022, she participated in a dialogue with an Italian writer and former graduate of Unisi. She hopes to contribute to the CS4Siena project and enhance various aspects of students’ university life.

Leonor Galão

Master’s student in Public and Cultural Diplomacy at the University of Siena, building on her academic foundation in Artistic Studies from the University of Lisbon. Her passion for the arts is driven by a commitment to fostering inclusivity and dialogue within cultural contexts. Her dedication to the arts extends beyond the academic realm, as evidenced by the active involvement in a wide range of projects such as Pagárrenda in Lisbon, and Imagina at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. She is currently the co-organiser of an English Book Club that creates bridges between diverse communities, aligning with the broader goal of making arts and culture accessible and transformative. She is very much looking forward to integrate her experiences into CS4Siena, a project with the aim of creating dialogue and making Siena a more welcoming city.

Accademia dei Fisiocritici

Andrea Benocci

Curator Natural History Museum of the Accademia dei Fisiocritici. Graduated in Natural Sciences (2001) and PhD in Evolutionary Biology (2013) he has about 70 scientific articles and various popular publications to his credit. Andrea is currently carrying out the cataloguing of the mollusc and vertebrate collections and follows various citizen science projects launched by the Museum, including Siena BiodiverCity, sponsored by the Municipality of Siena and part of a broader European project involving ten cities from nine countries.

External collaborators

Antonella Radicchi

Former researcher at the interdisciplinary Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences (DISPOC), University of Siena. Antonella is a urban planner and Citizen Science expert in research and innovation for sustainable urban development. Her work is informed by a humanist perspective on knowledge production and driven by a vision of co-creating more liveable, inclusive and beautiful places.