Citizen Science for Siena “CS4Siena” intends to initiate an experiment that uses Citizen Science to foster and strengthen the social integration of the local community, while promoting the health and wellbeing of the population and the principles of environmental sustainability, through the involvement of the students of the University of Siena, with particular attention to its foreign component.

Citizen Science is a field of research and scientific methodology that is substantiated by the active involvement of citizens in many phases of the scientific process, from the definition of the research question to the collection, mapping and analysis of data, to the publication and dissemination of results.

Citizen Science can be practised by people of different ages, education, and social backgrounds (united in networks or organised groups) through the use of analogue methods and digital technologies (e.g., smartphones and online platforms), favouring an integrated approach of promoting participation and social inclusion to be understood as a transformative resource for a new cultural and territorial welfare.

The main target of the CS4Siena project is the community of students of the University of Siena, with particular attention to the foreign component, represented by and over 1,500 young people (59% of whom are women), most of whom live in the city of Siena or in the neighbouring territories.

In order to foster the students’ integration with the local community of the Sienese territory, the project will involve a proportional quota of Italian and foreign students in Citizen Science activities. The students are therefore the direct beneficiaries of the project, while the local community (including the associations operating in the area) are the indirect beneficiaries of the project.

Through participation in the CS4Siena project, students will acquire scientific, methodological and relational-communication skills*.

Participation in the project activities by citizens belonging to the local community is strongly encouraged!

*Students wishing to obtain CFUs or “open badges” from the University of Siena are requested to contact the Project Manager – Venere S. Sanna